1-2-1 iPad Pro review

My oldest brother, Aaron visited me a couple of days ago. I have introduced him to my iPad Pro for the first time - it was so amazing to see how enthusiastic he became as he started to explore the creative apps on my device! 
Our conversation shortly became an interview, which you can read below:


Aaron: As a graphic designer, what’s your first impression of the iPad Pro?

Lilla: I’m originally a huge iPad fan, I started with an iPad 2 nearly 7 years ago and I just can’t miss the fact that this device makes my life really mobile - it’s just so easy to it carry around!

As a Graphic Designer, work is not the only thing that I use an iPad for: checking out new design articles and lurking on dribble is on my daily schedule as well! It helps me with organizing my everyday life too.

My iPad pro has a 12.9” screen, which means that it’s perfect as a second screen beside my MacBook Pro - simply that I have an extra screen to check tutorials and work at the same time without switching between tabs makes everything easier!
Let’s not forget that the right accessories make the experience extraordinary: I also have a keyboard cover and an Apple Pencil.


Aaron: Do you prefer to use an iPad than a Wacom? 

Lilla: I used Wacom a lot and it was so smoothly integrated into my workflow at the time, but I think at the moment I’m more of an iPad user. I enjoy the advantage of mobility, that I’m not stuck to my chair in front of my computer and also there are a lot of tasks that can be done on my iPad, such as creating vector illustrations and prepare them for motion design.


Aaron: Do you think the iPad Pro is the future of drawing?

Lilla: The future is already here if you think about it because all the advantages held by the good old paper and pencil has been embraced and pushed to the next level by the iPad Pro. Alrighty, I must admit here that I still sketch on paper sometimes!

I believe if you really like drawing, you will enjoy every platform that is given to express yourself. Of course, what we have here is a bright toolset, with crazy functions that are not imaginable in reality. For example, a simple eraser in real life will leave a mark on the paper, but in this digital environment, you can even select the brush or tool to act in a form of an eraser.

However, if the iPad is the future of drawing, I hope they will find a better way to charge the Apple Pencil because sticking it into the charger plugin on the iPad can be pretty annoying.

Aaron: What kind of applications do you use in your creative workflow? Do they hit the level of the professional applications that are present on desktop computers?

Lilla: I have access to all the Adobe creative apps due to my Adobe subscription, which is pretty awesome! They are all fab and perfectly compatible with all the creative programs I already got used to. I also purchased Pro Create which is maybe a little bit more advanced for sketching than Adobe, but this is just my personal opinion.

I still had to spend some time to figure out the interface, even though I’m using several programs in which I already got used to the terms they use.

Aaron: How did touch as an interaction change the way you work?

 Lilla: Actually, this is one of the things that I had to google and check several tutorials before I could truly dive into these creative apps. Honestly, I really enjoy the gestures that you can perfectly implement the sense of touch into your workflow. It gives you a kind of rhythm and special experience as you work just like shortcuts do with desktop computers.

Aaron: As a digital professional who’s using a computer and devices for work, do you think that an iPad acts as a mobile device at the same time – people also use it for taking selfies, lurking on Facebook or reading the newspaper? 

Lilla: Well, this is truly a funny question!

As you’re working with the apps you on the device, you do not have time to think about things. I feel that presenting your work on such a device is a good thing and it makes you feel like a real pro.

Anyways, a lot of tools that are available for desktop are now available for iPad too - such as Trello, Slack or Wunderlist. These are the main tools that I use the most to organize my day-to-day life.