Viewer Experience the Future is Here (part 1)

I think we all remember how websites looked in the nineties – difficult to use, designed with primitive tools and illogical, clumsy compositions. As the years went by, companies realized the value of advertising on the internet and focused on the appearance of their website. More and more images appeared on the web, pushing the massive blocks of texts in the background and Flash allowed the web designers to create animated pages.

Today, a great website has to be well designed, easy to use and dramatically focused on user experience (UX).
We can say that it was first a luxury, but now it’s a necessity, a must. Well, the same thing has happened to video.
VX – viewer experience is about to transform the way we look at video and change the current production method of it.

The launch of YouTube in 2005 made it clear that people like videos, and within a few years, brands were using online video adverts to gain more clients and audience. They create a video, post it online and hope that the crowd will engage with their brand.
It’s the same way how companies used their websites, remember? Like a big advert billboard in a digital environment.

Early UXers already understood that the digital presence of the company equals the brand. Their customers experience the brand through this channel. It can determine a customer’s actions, emotional moods, and even their loyalty and it really deserves attention.
But back to video! It’s no longer just a trend, it’s now an important piece of the customer journey. 
If we go to any website or app, we can see motion graphics interacting with the whole content, the animations are merging with UI elements, narratives explaining features and how-tos.

A few years back we used video to engage more customers with a brand, but the ultimate goal of VX is to enhance the brand itself. It gives character to the brand, making the content more personal and authentic while guiding the customer journey.

No doubt that VX will be a new challenge for the brands out there and sooner or later it will be standardized. If we think about it, developing strategies for video media could be a magical brand experience for the crowd.
It’s a huge visual package that can have a lot of media assets which all have their production values and they have to fit with the positioning of the brand.