Behind the scenes of the Old People Stereotypes project


We all know that getting an idea to realization is a very long journey with a lot of pitfalls, especially, when it’s a personal project. These plans can be usually found on the bottom of our to-do list.

That’s why I’m proud that my will power and love for animation has helped me through all the barriers that were present while working on this project.

The big idea

My new ideas are mostly just floating in my mind like the clouds in the sky and just the ones suitable enough come to realization. Behind every idea there’s an inspiration – for this one, it was an old lady’s honest manifestation. As I heard her words, the lightbulb in my head went on and in that moment, I already knew the whole script in and out – all I had to do was to sneak in some good old visual humour in the whole story. We can say that this project just fell into my lap from a casual everyday conversation.

Sometimes we just need an extra push

One time, I was attending an interveiw at Nutcracker and they have encouraged me to create a longer animation, where I can present my motion design knowledge as well. I am still truly grateful for this opportunity and they gave me the extra push with opening a whole new perspective for me.

Dream, Plan, Do – the bomb trio

When creating the storyboard of the project, I’ve individually adumbrated a voice effect plan for every scene and I dived into the work.

Illustration, the hunt for voice effects and music, making motions and transitions come to life in front of my own eyes – honestly, this is my favourite part of my work! When the illustrations were finished for the animation and after cutting out few a things and adding some others, everything has come together in after effects and my short animation was finally ready. When you’re working on a idea, everything that you know, understand and learned manifests in one given thing  and you realize that little part of you just came alive.

The very same thing happened to me when I finished my Old People Stereotypes project – a huge progress was made and I can proudly tell that I’m ready for the next challenge!