Colours and Inspiration


If I think about which design style was my greatest inspiration so far, I would say BAUHAUS, without any hesitation. When speaking of BAUHAUS, consider me a true fan of Johannes Itten’s work – I’m implementing his methods and work philosophy day by day.

After the colour wheel – big thanks for this brilliant and innovative invention of Isaac Newton – Itten’s work was a significant ascertainment in the world of colours. He stated that the tone of a colour can be warm or cold and explained how these contrasts interact with each other. As we now know, these colours have a massive effect on the psyche and they resonate with different, abstract concepts. This study has a huge impact on today’s digital world as well. Understanding these concepts brings harmony and balance in one’s life. I really encourage everyone to read Itten’s book and learn the principles. 😊
There are a lot of different tools to gather inspiration and generate ideas from the warm and cold colours and I’ll share three great tools with you below!



This tool is brought to life by Gal Shir, an amazing designer, who was inspired by an everyday dilemma of all designers – the hunt for the perfect colour palette, which will corroborate with our project.

With his own words:

„I set some rules such as limiting the amount of colours in each palette to four and displaying the colours in each palette with a specific hierarchy I came up with. A ratio that gives each colour a different importance by displaying it in a different size.

After getting this simple web page ready, I decided to transform this personal collection into a public resource for the world. Then came the two following ideas: A) the like button that lets users save their favourite palettes, and B) the sorting menu that lets users change the order of the listed palettes based on their popularity, their age, or just random.”
Sheer brilliance!



Gradient is a hit in 2018 too – I could spend hours playing around with colours and having fun on this website!

I believe that this movement is not just a fashionable trend that will disappear as it has a huge impact on artists around the world. It’s perfect for creating an atmosphere that’s not as abstract as we have created something around 4 years ago with flat-design-thinking.
Gradient will show you the tone that you see all around you – the colours of nature and the environment.
I’m also grateful that we use high-resolution devices every day because, without them, this tool wouldn’t be such a big hit!

3. On the go – Colour mate


This is a fantastic app on my iPhone that’s always with me when I need it on the go!
I usually use this app while I’m sitting on the train and thinking about my new projects – finding a totally random colour always makes me happy! When I get the perfect one, I just save it or convert it into RGB, HEX, CMYK or HSB formats.

So, these are my top 3 inspo tools, what are yours? 😊