Mentorship 1.0: Being a designer sister of the (best) designer brothers

Let’s start with an obvious fact: we were always close to each other and grew up as good siblings. We love each other for who we are and I’m grateful that we have found infinite trust and support within our sibling triangle while letting our ideas fly as high as the sky. Finding a mentor for your career/life can be difficult, and I’m happy to say that luck is on my side with these two fellas!

Aaron Kato – the brave explorer

Aaron was the first who chose the designer path and led the way for us. He was always the bravest explorer who is never afraid of anything – he knows that everything is possible with hard & smart work.
His friendly and confident personality allows him to practice his truly amazing ability to start and finish every work as an expert. Despite he is an honest critic, he always figures out how to transform and upgrade a project to a higher level (and this is equally true even if we’re just talking about a simple breakfast).

Janos Kato – the always curious fitter

I have learned that the decisions Janos makes are relying on well-deliberated theories and even if I don’t understand them at that moment, later it all comes together in my mind. His superpower: he opens brand new perspectives for me because he dares to think differently and I can often see him in the ocean of his thoughts standing solid as a rock.
Janos is going down some roads I didn’t even know that existed and his tireless concentration and dynamism towards the projects are astonishing me every time – and he’s doing this as it was the easiest thing in the world!

Lilla Kato – the source of ideas

Yes, I’m the youngest and the one who always has a new idea. I’m certain that I would not be living this creative, balanced and happy life without my two superheroes who are helping me through my career path and life. My brothers taught me not to be afraid to make mistakes and how to learn from them plus they have provided me with tonnes of advice and unconditional love – this is the way we’re mentoring and motivating each other.

So, this is our bomb trio – we have chosen this path together where we are exploring, understanding and altering the various and colourful universe of design, then creating a cool new thing together out of it.

Mentorship – the honourable guidance
Finding the perfect mentor means that one can develop unbelievable qualities with the speed of light and acquires knowledge that can’t be found in books. On the other hand, being somebody’s mentor is an honorific and super fun role -  looking back on the path we came up brings back valuable experience and memories. Passing on these gold wisdom and qualities is an indescribably good feeling. If we could implement this close mentorship in every designer’s life, not just the mentored person but the whole design community would be a big, happy family.
What are your thoughts on mentorship?