What makes a good visual/graphic designer?

 It’s widely known that we, graphic designers are here to create bright and creative images and graphics, however, we are also responsible to make mankind’s life better and easier. If you ever wondered what are the greatest qualities and mindsets behind our art, you should read further!

1. Communication

A great graphic designer is able to productively communicate with clients and other designers, teammates to ensure that the project is running smoothly and the tasks are finished until the deadlines. Negotiating rates and presenting (new) ideas require good communication skills as well - we need to articulate what we have to offer to secure projects and jobs.

2. Reliability

A good designer intuitively knows that the clients don’t just want talent - they want to hire someone who’s reliable and they can count on. Reliability might be the most important thing in our field - it’s good to know how to manage your time, develop a consistency and treat your clients’’ needs and the project as a priority.

3. Curiosity

 If you want to be a successful designer, you need to be curious about the world around you. It’s true that designers always look beyond the surface of things to understand the big picture; and to get there, they need to have an endless passion for learning new things. It’s really about the constant analysis to produce a piece of art that everyone’s happy with.

4. Accepting criticism

Let’s just face it - nobody likes to be criticised. A good graphic designer can hear the criticism with an open mind and is willing to be flexible with the clients’ needs. We must learn and remind ourselves that when our work is under criticism, we should not take it personally. Being receptive is the best solution for these situations.

5. Self-criticism

Every experienced designer knows that the key to improvement is, to be honest with themselves when it comes to responsibility and the work’s quality. Staying disciplined and focused on the project when the creative director is out of office can be difficult sometimes, but it’s a good practice to challenge yourself.

Check out my little gif Project: Designer’s Mind

Check out my little gif Project: Designer’s Mind

6. Creativity (of course)

 Do what you love, love what you do - yes, it might be a bit cheesy, but it’s more than relevant in our field. You don’t just end up in the creative industry if you don’t have the passion and love for art. Coming up with new and exciting ideas is a must - we’re building a better world and a brighter future!

 7. Time management

 A great designer loves to go with the flow, but tricky workloads, lifelong edits and endless briefs can steal a lot of minutes from our “creative hour”. We have to combine some time management skills with our passion for art to survive - learning how to balance our tasks and projects require a lot of organizing and patience. Pro tip: prioritizing can effectively help with meeting deadlines and managing your workload!


8. Constantly looking for inspiration

Being up to date with the design world’s newest trends will allow you to mix the current swings with your unique style and sell it with the same professionalism. Trust me, every designer has a bunch of design inspiration boards and collections which are helping them to reach their creative flow.

 The above are just some of the qualities great graphic designers share - what do you think, do you have what it takes?