Who is Lilla?

Lilla is one of those specially lucky human beings who has a profession she was always passionate about. She loves to apply her infinite creativity to help people and brands to evolve and express themselves in a unique way.

Lilla constantly has tons of ideas in her head, that is why she is always up to something. She learned very well she needs to be patient and brave if she wants to achieve her aims. What she does when she is not working? She is most likely developing her design skills, experimenting with videography, playing the piano or going out to swim. She likes to read too, actually she is not just buying books she really reads them as well.

She is originally from Budapest and she has lived in several cities: London, Dresden, Berlin, Binz, Stuttgart, Frankfurt am Main. During the years living abroad, getting to know different cultures her personality has expanded and emerged.

Fun fact: she comes from an old designer family, her grandfather was already a UX\UI expert. Just kidding, but her brothers are successful designers.

Yes, she has written this about-page.

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